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Heavenly Hallah

Shabbat Giftpacks

Heavenly Hallah Shabbat Giftpacks are a great way to make Shabbat special for college students, friends, and loved ones. Going out of town? Send one to yourself!

Each Heavenly Hallah Giftpack includes:

  • A one pound, moist, sweet, braided Heavenly Hallah*--your choice of:
    Whole wheat          Traditional white
    golden raisingolden raisin
  • A disposable hallah cover
  • A 6 oz. bottle of kosher grape juice
  • Two Shabbat candles, in holders
  • Assorted candies

*Your choice of whole wheat or all-white flour hallah.

*Our challahs are made with wholesome, fresh ingredients and contain no preservatives or dairy products.

Please order by Monday for delivery by Shabbat.

  • By credit card (online): Click Here
  • By phone: Call 888 520-9080

Each giftpack is $30.00 including shipping and handling